Thursday, November 20, 2008

It Is The End

A flower blossoms. A sunray hits a drop of dew. A homeless man begs for a ray of hope. Dew drops off the rim of his hat. Security gets up in the morning. Blinds block the sun's rays. Pavement has long replaced the fields of flowers. Hope, what is hope? Where has it gone? What has taken its place?

The coffee pot steams, the check pays the mortgage. Hope is is in the eyes of the newborn, opened to this world. The addition keeps the father looking for the Almighty, which means tough luck for our hatted friend. Danger level orange means more of the almighty dollar must again come to our rescue. The kingdom of heaven comes; the will of the shpeherd, the meek and the humble shows us the way. Pain is healed, grace is shown. Forgiveness fails, pain repaid with pain is failure. Why do we wait, slave, replace hope. Why does our enemy win? Why do we bow to his gun and gold?

As sure as a flower will blossom or light will shine on the darkness.iSelflessness, humility, grace, community, and most of all- love- is going to end the pain. It is the end. Which do you hope for?

Adam T. Jenkins November 19th, 2008